Refund and Returns Policy

Please read the following carefully, then send us a refund request by creating a ticket in the support section.

Requests for Refund must be clear and acceptable:

Before making a purchase, kindly request a trial account. We offer a trial account to allow you to test our service. If you are not satisfied, please refrain from purchasing a long-term subscription.

If your internet speed is slow, you may encounter difficulties in using our Great IPTV services. In such cases, a refund request will not be accepted.

Our dedicated Great IPTV team is available 24/7 to assist you. If you encounter any difficulties setting up the Great IPTV service on your devices, it does not qualify for a refund. Please refer to our tutorials for assistance with IPTV setup.

If you mistakenly select and pay for a service, you can submit a ticket in the support section titled “Payment Error.” Our support team will review and accept the request for a refund. Payment errors include selecting and paying for a longer service duration than intended (e.g., purchasing a year instead of a 3-month subscription).

Refund requests will not be accepted if your account expires within 7 days.

Please ensure your refund request adheres to the above guidelines to expedite the process. Thank you for your understanding.